Integrative/Holistic pathways of healing, education, and birth.           

Life coaching, hypnosis and neurolinquistic programing for

personal and/or professional growth and change.


Energy Field Balancing

Beneficial for those who feel out of balance emotionally, spiritually and/or physically. For those who don’t feel motivated to do simple daily tasks, not making time for self, not enough energy to exercise or do physical activities.  Assessment, alignment and reenergizing using vibration of tuning forks and drumming.

Releasing, Forgiving, Loving, Healing

Beneficial for those who have unresolved relationship conflicts, past traumatic events, or sexual/physical assault.

Achieve Serenity

Teaches a process to transform chaos and stress to serenity.  Incorporates breath work and meditation. Recommend 2 sessions at least 1 week apart.

Raindrop Technique

Involves a combination of Vita Flex, reflexology, essential oils and Quantum Touch to bring balance and alignment of the energy fields and structural alignment of the spine. Essential oils are selected based on your individual needs.

Quantum Touch

Hands on use of natural life force energy to facilitate the use of your body’s own healing process.

Preparation for Birth

Individual session to identify any energy blocks or fears related to birth. Session is individualized and may include use of sound healing, guided visualizations, Quantum touch, aromatheraphy, and energy or chakra balancing.

Our Fees:

Sessions are generally 60 to 90 minutes and are $85 per session.  All healing sessions are individualized based on specific needs.  Extended sessions are available.

Raindrop Technique sessions include nine therapeutic-grade essential oils and are $115 per session.

*All of the healing pathways are to be used in conjunction with medical care. The pathways are not intended to replace your medical care, medication, or procedures prescribed by your physician.