Our Life Coaching, Hypnosis, and NLP sessions offer 
                  A Pathway to Growth & Change.    

Our programs are designed to build on your strengths, identify relevant changes, and motivate achievement.  We can help you eliminate unwanted patterns of behavior, improve personal or business relationships, provide assistance in setting and achieving goals, and release fears and phobias that are inhibiting your success.  

Our Fees:  

NLP Life Coaching

The initial session is $125 and is usually of 2 hour duration.  Subsequent sessions are generally 60 to 90 minutes and are $100 per session.  A package of six sessions is available for $500.

Hypnosis & NLP

A private session is $85 for the first visit and $75 each for reinforcement visits. Initial sessions are generally 90 minutes with follow up sessions of 60 minutes each.  A package of 3 sessions (used weekly) is $210. 

Fees for groups are as follows:

2 person group      $70  each     

3 person group      $65  each                      

4 person group      $55  each                          

5 people or more  $45  each

In general, insurance companies do not cover our services.  We accept PayPal and most major credit cards.

  NLP Life Coaching

Our coaching sessions assist you in identifying your true goals, hidden agendas or obstacles to attainment, and provide the motivational techniques to assure success.   We listen to you and work together to:

Create a vision for your life or business

Identify your values, strengths and goals

​Improve personal and business relationships

Move past your blind spots (everyone has them)

Create an efficient time management system

Establish work/life balance

Thrive in times of transition

Manage stress 

Using the power of hypnosis and NLP, we will assist you to achieve your personal and career goals. 


Using hypnosis to effect behavioral, emotional, and physical change was a documented practice of the ancients in Egypt and India. Hypnosis isn’t magic; It is a safe and natural process that, once learned, will improve your ability to manage your behavior, achieve your goals, and enhance your ability to relate to others.  It has helped millions of people change unwanted behaviors, break unhealthy habits, and enjoy more healthy, happy, and productive lives. Working with a trained hypnotherapist can empower you to bring about the change you desire quickly and effectively. 

Neuro-Linguistic Programming

NLP is an advanced psychological technology that helps you master the way you think and feel and allows you to have the life you desire.  While it may sound complicated NLP simply explores and uses the connection between neurological processes, what we see, hear, feel and touch (“neuro”), our language & non-verbal communication (“linguistic”) and identifies behavioral changes to achieve your goals (“programming”).   Using NLP you can change your mental, emotional and/or physical state of well-being and control behavioral patterns to effect positive change in your personal and professional life. 

Using the combined power of hypnosis & NLP techniques we can provide you the pathway to experience limitless powerful transformations. Whatever changes you would like to experience in your life, these techniques furnish the tools to change now to achieve your desired outcome. 

Specialties include:    

Career Success                                         Smoking Cessation                                   Public Speaking                  

Weight Management                                        Procrastination                                        Relationship Enhancement
Exam Anxiety                                           Relaxation                                               Fears/Phobias                      

Stress Management                                  Motivation                                               Self Hypnosis
Performance Anxiety                               Writers Block                                           Past Life Regression     

Pain Management                                     Insomnia                                                 Self Confidence

​​We do not diagnose medical conditions nor do we prescribe medication or treatment. We do not practice psychotherapy.  We teach and train our clients how to shift limiting beliefs, reach their goals, and enhance their well being using hypnotic techniques. 

We offer a free, no obligation consultation.  Call 708.297.7739 now to schedule.

Integrative/Holistic pathways of healing, education, and birth.           

Life coaching, hypnosis and neurolinquistic programing for

personal and/or professional growth and change.