Integrative/Holistic pathways of healing, education, and birth.           

Life coaching, hypnosis and neurolinquistic programing for

personal and/or professional growth and change.


You will learn basic NLP concepts and demonstrate the skills to:

Create instant rapport with anyone

Detect patterns in human behavior

Recognize how other people respond to you

Successfully get your message across every time

Access positive emotional states to master difficult situations

Recreate & model excellence

Overcome limiting beliefs and take your career to the next level

Recognize and use communication styles to motivate and influence

Understand the decision making process and other behavior strategies

Structure conversations to elicit motivating factors and hidden agendas

Use the structure of language to elicit positive response

Change the way you remember your past to transform negatives into positives

.Anchoring techniques to access emotional states, personal strengths, and resources

This training meets the standards of the National Federation for NeuroLinquistic Programing giving your certification worldwide recognition.

Serene Alternative Pathways is licensed by the California Board of Nursing as a continuing education provider.  Provider # CEP 15966 for 36 contact hours.

You will receive: 
Comprehensive NLP Reference Manual for use during training will provide a reference tool for your continued use. It provides techniques in a step-by-step manner that you can use in all aspects of business and personal growth.


Description: This course will teach powerful skills you can use now to generate immediate results.  Make dramatic changes in how you think, feel, and act.  Help yourself and others remove emotional blocks and achieve your goals.  

                                           NLP Basic Practitioner Certification Course             
                                          September 10, 11, 17 & 18            

Who Should Attend

Individuals desiring to overcome limiting beliefs to achieve personal and career objectives

Mental health professionals wanting to add NLP to assist clients for rapid and lasting change

Medical Personnel who wish to improve positive outcomes by using NLP to motivate patient compliance

Salespeople, negotiators, & managers wanting to enhance their business communication and identify positive strategies for success